Accent Wall Colors Living Room Ideas

Jan 6th

Decorate your Accent Wall Colors Living Room in different shades of brown for a neutral, soothing background or to incorporate a subdued design onto your walls. Either way, be creative by taking inspiration from your furniture, accessories, or a single item that you want to build the room around.


Decide how many different shades of brown you want to use on the walls. Is every wall going to be another shade? Want to create a pattern? Is the living room formal, temporary, or does it serve a particular purpose, such as the children’s playroom or your entertaining room? Answer these questions as you look at all the furniture and accessories you know you bring in the room.

Paint the walls. Each wall can be another shade of brown or a wall can be a deeper, richer shade so it stands out as an accent wall color. Paint vertical stripes on the walls using two different shades of brown for a sophisticated look. Create your own masterpiece by starting with a darker brown at the base, then gradually fading into a lighter brown near the ceiling. White sockets and casting will make brown pop more. Or choose a dark brown for the bottom of the wall with a lighter brown upside down with a white chair rail.

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