Best Light Gray Paint for Living Room Ideas

Jan 6th

Best light gray paint for living room – The living room in your home hosts a variety of entertainment activities to watch TV or read. The light of the configuration you choose for this room is important.  If a simple, clean look is what you want for your living room. A modern-inspired design might be the option for you. A style that integrates a wide range of colors and pieces to create a clearer look, modern design often also features more natural elements, such as sections of exposed bricks on the walls.

Wall sconces mimic the look of candlesticks and torches, and can be used to illuminate a long dark corridor. Wall sconces can be as modern as or more traditional than home calls for. Use a very simple, cone-shaped wall lamp to illuminate the corridor in a modern house, and use a more elaborate wall lamp, in iron or brass, in a traditional house.

Furniture of geometric shapes and lighting artifacts are often found in modern lifestyle rooms, but furniture is not the only way to add form. Use painter’s tape to create geometric designs, such as circles, triangles and squares, on the wall, and then paint the inside of your geometric outlines to add a bit of unique style. To jazz up a modern apartment, use fabric or contact paper that can be removed later to create a similar effect.

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