Different Types of Living Room Lighting You Need To Know

Jan 6th

There are many different ways in which you can illuminate a living room. The type of living room lighting can vary enormously, but also the way of lighting. Where does the light come from and what do you want to highlight? These are two important questions that you can ask yourself before you purchase lighting. Lighting for the living room can be very diverse, atmospheric, functional but also uncomfortable and too much. Pay attention to what and how much you purchase!

The following living rooms all have different types of lighting that we want to show you. This way you can inspire your own living room! Hanging lamps are the most used type of lamps in a living room. They are hung above tables, above a seating area, in a corner as decorative lighting or above a workplace in the living room.

There are also many different styles of lamps for sale, for every interior style there is something to find! Likewise for a minimalist and modern interior style. This pendant lamp is incredibly sleek and minimalistic in terms of shape and finish. Only a few details are used, you can say: “What you see is what you get!”. Check our gallery to inspire you!

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