Good Living Room Paint Color Ideas You Can Try

Jan 5th

Living room paint color ideas – Are you missing colors or a particular mood in your home? We give you here bids on how you can make your room special by using a brush and a slat paint. If the ceiling is low, it may be advantageous to look for the same color for the floor and wall. This gives a greater sense of space when the ceiling is bright as in this home.

Think about what colors you put together and what color to highlight. This way, you can see the colors of the colors when you look from one end of the home to the other. In this residence, the owner has in the middle chosen the color ‘Hague Blue’. Here it is seen how the dark color in the passage room causes the other to enter the background.

The white color causes the angular corner of the room to disappear, especially because it contrasts with other surfaces in the room, as here with a wood veneer plate on the end wall. The radiator is here painted in a gray mouse’s back, which makes it less visible. The radiator is of the brand Brenner Atol, which is similar to the old cast iron radiators, but is much more energy-efficient.

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