Gray Color Schemes Living Room: Striking or Unobtrusive?

Jan 6th

We often associate gray with the word boring and it is often so meaningless. But gray is absolutely not boring! Especially not with all those beautiful variations of gray tones that are present today. For example, a gray color schemes living room wall is a perfect base in an interior. Gray is easy to combine with other colors and is also a beautiful color for wood. Because there are so many gray tones, it is difficult to find the color that fits in your interior.

Gray is a color that can be applied very subtly and is not too conspicuous and too present, or can be used as a striking and contrasting color if you opt for a dark gray shade. The color gray is an ideal color as a mediation between two other colors. When designing a room, it can be a color that makes both partners happy in the family. A good mediation color of gray is, for example, light gray or loam gray.

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To give gray more pizzazz, combine it with an accent color. Think for example of blue, which makes it gray cooler, pink makes the gray a little bit spicier, gray combined with white and gold gives a chic look and mother-of-pearl and gray also works very well.