Apr 28th

Jcpenney Living Room Curtains can make your living room feel fresh and modern or dingy and dark, depending on the rest of your decor. The texture, furniture, colors and objects that you place in the living room will determine how the dark brown curtains affect the room. For very dark and enclosed furniture, a sad living room creates, while some colorful or bright elements can transform the space into a relaxing oasis.


Paint the walls a lighter shade of brown or a neutral color that complements the dark brown curtains living room without creating a dark or dingy look. Cream, beige, buttery yellow or white are some options. Furnish the room with pieces that include dark brown details and lighter shades that complement the curtains. Dark leather or cream-colored microfiber sofas will work, depending on how bright or dark you want the living room to feel. Glass tables will visually open the space, while dark wood will play out light furniture and tie in with the dark brown curtains.

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Add other textiles that complement the dark brown curtains. Dark brown pillows, patterned rugs or a roll over the back of the couch or over the ottoman will unite the space. Alternatively, dress up the curtains with reflective pieces of copper, crystal bead tiebacks or chrome curtain rods and end knobs. Pick up the metallic look elsewhere in the room if you go that way, for example in the accessories or the tables. Hang colorful artwork or a gallery of photographs or metallic wall hangings. Use dark brown frames for artwork, pictures or mirrors to play out the curtains.