How to Set Furniture in Small Space Living Room

Jan 10th

Arranging Small Space Living Room can be a challenge. If you follow a few simple steps, they can help you create a room that is open and inviting

You need:

Choose a focal point in the small living room, and arrange your furniture around it. In most small spaces, this focal point will be your entertainment center or large screen TV. Place this piece in the room first. Arrange the rest of the living room furniture around your TV or entertainment center. Start with the second largest piece, usually in the couch or love seat. Place it directly opposite in focus. Place a chair at an angle to the sofa. This way the chair faces your point of contact, but it can also be turned towards the sofa for conversation. Other place chairs and small tables around the living room. Putting chairs close together and near the couch will create conversation areas. Be sure to make a road so people can walk freely through the room.

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Tips and warnings

Other contact points can be a fireplace, a large window, or a large bookshelf. As the price of a home continues to rise, people often opt for smaller homes to compensate for the high costs. When a family has a lack of space, there are many ways to maximize what is there by choosing specific furniture that will both embellish the room and make it as spacious as it can be.