Living Room Color Schemes in Trends

Jan 5th

Living Room Color Schemes – The choice of colors for a living room can be a proposal that scares people who fear being stuck for years. With a combination of colors that is no longer like or has gone out of style. With so many colors and possible color combinations, you may wonder how to approach the selection of a color scheme that will not be seen as an error by you, your family or friends in the near future. However, some color palettes have proven to be sustainable for decades (even centuries) and are adaptable to a wide range of decorating styles.

Red is a bright color that never goes out of style, and true fans of red often treat it as a necessary part of any color scheme. Both traditional red and contemporary Asian decoration employ in large quantities, but red is so comfortable in the American or French country and new modern decor. Bright blue and white, accented with yellow, create a palette of sweetness that is appropriate in coastal decor, as well as avant-garde living room design. Green and turquoise, colors of nature, it looks good with earthy colors.

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Citrus colors are a trend that returns every few years and can be applied to a variety of styles. Plums and purples have gained widespread acceptance and are now available for the living room in accessories and seating, including leather. When choosing bright or trendy colors, they selectively use them on one or two large pieces or within several accessories. Mix white, black or other neutrals in the color palette to allow the eye to rest and keep open the possibility of adjusting the color palette in the future if changes in taste.