Proper Choice of Curtain Design for Living Room

Jan 8th

Curtain Design for Living Room – Natural curtains work great when you are intending for pure design. Not only do they give a clean look, but they are also very affordable. Bunch together for separation, or hang them after a double curtain rod connected with a set of panels. Double curtain rods installed work well with net curtains. Because they do not fight for space in the hanging rod as a thick fabric would do. Because they are neutral in color, they look great against any paint color and coordinate with most furniture designs.

Roman shades work well if their windows are small, where a decorative curtain could dominate the room and cover the architectural details. Roman curtains hug the window, fitting perfectly inside the window frame. When raised during the day, the fabric will hang in identical folds. Depending on your design idea, you can choose between a casual or formal design.

For a spectacular design, try installing curtains that start at the top of the living room wall and fall towards the floor. Instead of just above a window, curtains that hang from the top of the living room will create a lot of height and are very bold. Try embellishing the curtain with a bold setting to frame it through the window. During the day, the use of a decorative mooring.

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