Very Popular Ideas Living Room Curtain Sets

Jan 8th

Living room curtain sets – Looking for more tips to make a modern living room cozier, for example with the help of carpets, candles and plants? Here you will find more inspiration to decorate a modern living room with home decoration and cozy. A modern living room is often characterized by a sleek lines, functional furniture and cool colors. Yet there is a lot of variation in how modern and sleek an interior looks, by playing with furniture or accessories from other interior styles.

What in an interior plays a major role in the appearance, is the window coverings. Because it is an atmosphere determining factor, the chosen materials, colors and way of hanging should be carefully considered. Which curtains and window decorations fit into a modern interior, for example in the living room? Below are some examples. Very popular roller blinds due to the good combination of both function and design are Duo roller blinds.

A Duo roller blind consists of two layers of fabric that move in relation to each other. And because of the well thought-out design it is multifunctional in the field of light and privacy. Opened Duo roller blinds have the appearance of blinds and allow light to enter. Because there is no insight from outside to inside, a nice sense of privacy is given. A closed Duo roller blind with all dark surfaces contiguous seems more like a roller blind, and keeps a large part of the light outside and warmth inside.

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