Warm and Beautiful Small Living Room with Fireplace

Jan 10th

Small living room with fireplace – One that is integrated into the wall and also looks like a fireplace. So including mantelpiece! We also have one at home, only with a fake fireplace … Such a fireplace is very beautiful in a rural interior. We jump from traditional to modern ! It is still a fireplace where the smoke goes up, but this time it hangs from the ceiling.

A fireplace, both traditional and modern (although different from the example above), can of course also be placed in the corner. A small box has been added to the example. Handy to keep the wood in! Optionally, you can also lose other items.  Of course we have treated a fireplace in the wall with the traditional … but it can also be more modern as in the example below.

This fireplace is also completely integrated into the wall. Beautiful right? Officially it may not be a fireplace, but it is a heat source. Everything is possible nowadays, so also a fireplace in a room divider as shown in the picture below. You share the room in this way, but still the atmosphere remains!  If you decorate it with lights then it is still cozy in the house.

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